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School Reports
We create custom software specific to the needs of your school
Our systems will significantly reduce the time spent on the tedious aspects of reporting and allow you to concentrate on the content of your reports to parents.
  • We provide training for both teaching and office staff on your site.
  • Teachers can enter results over the school LAN, at home (over the Internet or using flash drives) or by hand using coded data sheets.
  • Virtually eliminates errors, both grammatical and spelling.
  • Help and follow-up service is always available.
  • Use stored comments and/or create your own as you go.
  • We liaise with you throughout the whole process.
  • Any format of report is possible, including outcomes and performance band based reports.
  • Impressive presentation of final reports. Single page, multiple page, colour, graphs, etc.
  • Use your existing school computer network.
  • Our software is usually based on Microsoft Access, however MySQL and PHP is used for Internet access.
  • As schools change structure their reporting needs change. Our software can cater to your needs.
Phone Sam on (02) 4632 7987 to organise an obligation free consultation and quotation.
Author: Samuel Davis
Examples only - each school is different.
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